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Enjoy Radiant Floors in Oak Park, IL & the Surrounding Areas

Do you want to heat your home or business in peace? House of Heat can install radiant floors in your Oak Park, IL property. With radiant flooring, customers literally walk on warmth. Our knowledgeable and friendly professionals would be delighted to discuss radiant flooring and help you determine if it’s the right choice for you.

heating coils on floor

What Is a Radiant Floor?

Radiant floor heating systems warm rooms and people from the ground. It comprises heating grates that our team lays underneath the flooring. After installation, the grates generate heat and distribute it. Radiant grates can be applied under almost every type of floor and room and maintain consistent warmth throughout homes and buildings.

Why Choose a Radiant Floor?

One of the primary complaints about traditional heating systems is their uneven distribution. Many properties with standard radiators, vents, and registers suffer from cold drafts. You could be perfectly comfortable in one room and uncomfortable in the next. Radiant floors distribute heat evenly. Feel free to move around your home or business and enjoy your desired temperature. Home and business owners make the switch from traditional heating systems to radiant floors because they offer:


No more closing doors and windows or avoiding certain rooms. Venture anywhere in your home as your please while feeling warm and comfortable.

Peace and Calm

If a buzzing radiator or vent keeps you up at night, switch to heated floors. They are virtually silent.


You'll never feel the sting of a cold floor after showering again. Radiant flooring maintains a consistent temperature.


Radiant flooring produces terrific heat with less effort than traditional heating systems, reducing your monthly energy bill.


Is your radiator taking up precious space? Radiant grates are hidden under the floors, out of sight and mind.

Resale Value

When you sell your property, radiant flooring will be a welcome addition that attracts prospective buyers.

For the Ultimate Warmth and Comfort

Radiant flooring is a cost-effective and efficient way to warm your property whenever you please. House of Heat knows everything about grate installation, maintenance, and repair. Please reach out for a free estimate. We’ll assess your property’s rooms, floors, and square footage and determine a fair price for your installation.

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