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Proud Lennox® Dealer in Oak Park, IL & the Surrounding Areas

Lennox® products are among the most reliable and efficient furnaces and air conditioners for homes and businesses. As a Premier Lennox® dealer in Oak Park, IL and the surrounding areas, House of Heat’s Lennox® products insure your family and business are comfortable and safe. Please get in touch with us if you want to learn more about world-class Lennox HVAC products.

lennox ac products

Why Choose Lennox®

Lennox® is synonymous with innovation. The company was founded in 1895 by visionary Dave Lennox. Today, they are an industry leader, heating and cooling countless homes and businesses throughout the country. They are committed to building sustainable, dependable HVAC systems that elevate property quality and advance the heating and cooling industry. Lennox® has maintained an over 100 years old reputation for dedicated customer service, unmatched craftsmanship, and happier homes and businesses. We are proud to provide outstanding Lennox® products to our customers, and we’d gladly discuss their benefits with you.

Products We Install, Repair, and Maintain

House of Heat is passionate about all things Lennox®. Whether you need routine maintenance or a major repair, you can rely on us to provide quality care and attention to your Lennox® system. Our team provides exceptional repairs, installations, and maintenance for all Lennox® products, including:

What Is a Lennox® Dealer?

Your heating and cooling are among the most critical aspects to the comfort of your home or business. If you’ve outfitted your property with Lennox® products or systems, you’ll need professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience. As premier Lennox dealers, we are fully trained and equipped to install, repair, and maintain Lennox® products. We completely understand the brand and offer customers vital information regarding services, the installation process, and how to get the most from their HVAC system.

Free Estimates for Lennox® Installations

Do you have or want to upgrade to a Lennox® system? We provide a free installation estimate as we assess your property’s layout and job complexity to determine an accurate estimate. At House of Heat, you can count on us to receive exceptional service from fully licensed expertly-trained technicians.

Get in Touch Today!